Dave Portnoy advises against cryptocurrencies „for the moment“

Sports journalist and hobby trader Dave Portnoy advises his followers against cryptocurrencies and recommends investing in the stock market.

„I beg my friends who invest in Bitcoin Evolution to come back to the stock market,“ as sports journalist Dave Portnoy, who is also known for his trading activities in various markets, said on Twitter on September 2nd .

He justifies this with the fact that „Bitcoin is stuck at the moment“, which is why he adds:

“I’ll show you the right way. We’ll take care of cryptocurrencies again later. But now is the time to strike [in the stock market]! No half things! Strike now! “

Attached to his tweet is a short video from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. In said scene, Portnoy’s head is mounted on that of the Marvel hero and you can see how he performs a clever maneuver during his basic training that amazes even his instructor.

The other troop members, who despair of the task at hand, are titled in the video as “ Link Marines “ and represent crypto investors who „blindly“ follow a trend and lose sight of the essentials, while Portnoy jokes with the video staged as „the one who can see through“

Portnoy’s stance on cryptocurrencies has been wavering over the past few weeks. While he initially stated that he didn’t know anything about Bitcoin and Co., after a crash course by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who in turn operate the large Gemini crypto exchange, he posed as a self-proclaimed crypto expert. However, after his arrogance in crypto trading cost him a considerable amount of money, he got out just as quickly .

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